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Bluestone are a London Jazz Trio and formed in  2002, as a jazz trio featuring vocalist Sarah Kiddell, with piano and double bass. The material ranges from standards by the likes of Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Hoagy Carmichael, through to more contemporary songs from writers such as Norah Jones. We cover London and the south east, and are available to hire for weddings, parties, corporate events, charity fund-raisers … or any other type of function you might be planning . This London Jazz Trio are ideal for smaller rooms or even back gardens, but works equally well in large venues with audiences of several hundred.


London Jazz Trio

London Jazz Trio

We Provide:

As a London Jazz Trio we provide live music for up to two hours, anywhere in or around London and the south east.

Pre-recorded music for before and after the show, and during the interval. Alternatively, we can play your CDs or mp3s through our system.

PA equipment and lighting . All kit is PAT tested for electrical safety, and we have full public liabilty insurance.





London Jazz Trio House Concerts

No need to hire a venue – we’ll play a concert (or provide background music) at an event at your place. We can fit into a small space, and play at a volume that won’t scare the neighbours. We’ve performed in back gardens, on patios, and in living rooms; the picture below was taken at a gig in a one bedroom flat!

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