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    Bob’s Jazz Blog

    Apart from being a drummer and bandleader I also maintain a jazz blog, both in Dutch and English. I write articles about jazz musicians, repertoire, photography, history, CD and book reviews. I have a special interest for “songs that nobody plays”, music jewels from well know composers which are hardly played. If you know one, let me know ! Please check out

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    Songs for Your Civil Ceremony

    If you have decided to have a civil ceremony then you need to give some thought to the music that you are going to have played. The bride needs a song to walk down the aisle to, a couple of song choices for the signing of the register and then a song for the recessional.

    The great thing about a civil ceremony is that anything goes when to comes to music. I always advise couples to think about songs that… Read more

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    London Jazz Trio | Jazz Bluestone London Trio

    Bluestone are a London Jazz Trio and formed in  2002, as a jazz trio featuring vocalist Sarah Kiddell, with piano and double bass. The material ranges from standards by the likes of Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Hoagy Carmichael, through to more contemporary songs from writers such as Norah Jones. We cover London and the south east, and are available to hire for weddings, parties, corporate events, charity fund-raisers … or any other type of function you might be planning . This LondonRead more

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    How To Get ‘IN’ With Venues. Part 2

    Part 2 of “How To Get ‘IN’ With Venues” follows directly on from part 1.

    If you haven’t read part one, you can catch up with it here

    So you have secured a meeting with the big venue that has entertainment just about every week of the year.

    First of all, don’t underestimate how big a deal that actually is, you have done really well to get this far. These places are busy for a reason, they don’t wasteRead more

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    Music Ideas For The Wedding Ceremony

    An article written by ‘Mike Collins’  the singing minstrel.

    The music at your ceremony is very important. Many people like the idea of having a spiritual element to the ceremony without actually having an organist playing hymns. For a lot of people attending the wedding this might be their only visit inside a church. Perhaps you have decided not to have your wedding in a church but you feel that you still want a christian element to the service without… Read more

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    How To Get Corporate Gigs

    How Do I Get A Gig


    Not too many years ago the corporate scene was buzzing and musicians, entertainers and performers were taking advantage of a huge market that spent a lot of money on their parties and events.

    Whilst things are not quite as good as they used to be, there is still lots of work in this area if you know how to find it.

    There is a myth that you can only get  corporate gigs if you go through an agent. Some of the… Read more

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    How much do you charge?

    An article by Louise Perry, band leader of  -

    I really felt that I had to write another post on prices as generally people have no idea how much a live band will cost for thier event. Prices can vary, not by hundreds of pounds but by thousands. Believe me you will always get what you pay for and that applies to anything in life.

    Now I’m all for getting a good deal, especially in the times we live… Read more

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    How To Get ‘IN’ With Venues. Part 1

    How Do I Get A Gig

    In a previous article I talked about how networking can get you ‘in’ with some venues.

    But what about those ones that don’t network? You know the ones, they always seem to be full and always seem to have music and entertainment going on. If you know the sort of places I am talking about but have never played there before, do you ever wonder ’how can I get a gig there?’

    Do you know what the 4 main reasons some people… Read more

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    How To Get Wedding Gigs

    How Do I Get A Gig


    In a recent article we talked about how networking can get you more corporate gigs. The truth is, you can also get lots of Wedding gigs from networking as well as every one there probably knows someone who is getting married. Make sure they are spreading the word for you!

    Aside from networking and online advertising, a great way to get more Wedding gigs is to start exhibiting at Wedding Shows and Exhibitions. Just like networking, try typingRead more

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    How Do I Get A Gig?

    How Do I Get A Gig


    If your inbox is like ours then you probably get your fair share of emails from people telling you how they can improve your business and increase your sales. The ones I read all seem to focus on the obvious and quite frankly get extremely boring.

    Because we try to tailor what we write to help the people who actually read them, and because going with the crowd has never been something Music and Events has been interested in, we have come up with what we think are 5Read more

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