How To Get Gigs ‘FREE’ Video Series

How To Get Gigs

Are you a singer, band, DJ or provide any kind of entertainment for weddings, corporate events, private parties, pubs & clubs?

If so this FREE video series from Music and Events has been designed to help those who are getting started, encourage others in areas they are unsure about and for seasoned pro’s remind them of the things we all forget from time to time! Presented by Tommy Winn who as well as being the owner of Music and Events has also been performing professionally for over 10 years.


Series 1: Episode 7: ‘What you should put on your website’ Part 2

In the final episode of series 1 Tommy continues his discussion on what you should put on your website and goes into detail on how to present your pictures, videos & demos.


Series 1: Episode 6: ‘What you should put on your website’ Part 1

In the penultimate episode of series 1 Tommy discusses what you should put on your website, including the content of your ‘about us’ ‘repertoire’ ‘testimonials’ ‘venues’ and ‘special offers’ pages.


Series 1: Episode 5: ‘How To Get IN With Venues’ Part 2

In this episode Tommy continues his talk on how to get in with venues. In one of the most revealing videos yet Tommy talks about amongst other things, some of the questions you should be ready to answer when meeting with potential new venues.


Series 1: Episode 4: ’How To Get IN With Venues’

In this episode Tommy looks at a tried and tested method which will give you every chance of success, he also talks about the enemies inside us all and how to recognise them so we can move past them and not let them hold us back.


Series 1: Episode 3: ‘How To Get Wedding Gigs’

In this episode Tommy discusses how exhibiting at wedding shows and exhibitions can get you lots of wedding gigs and also shares his opinion on pricing yourself for a wedding.


Series 1: Episode 2: ‘How To Get Corporate Gigs’

Tommy reveals one of the ways ‘he’ gets bookings for corporate events and also reveals the truth behind the myth that you don’t need to use an agent to get these types of gigs.


Series 1: Episode 1: ’5 Top Tips!’
Tommy offers the first in his video series titled ‘How Do I Get A Gig?’ the first being ’5 Top Tips’

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One Response to How To Get Gigs ‘FREE’ Video Series

  1. Amazing .. even as a seasoned professional its an eye opener the thing through experience that we do and know naturally, and those which are great to be reminded of, as we either forget or a gentle reminder helps to do things better! .. not to mention learning something new too!!

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