The Music and Events ‘Consultancy Service’


Are you are an artist or event supplier just starting out but don’t know what to do first?


Are you someone who has been doing this for a long time but struggle in certain areas?


If so the Music and Events consultancy service can help you.



Owner of Music and Events, Tommy Winn (who you will have the consultation with) explains.

At a time and location of your choice over a 3 to 4 hour period we will concentrate solely on your act and identify exactly what needs to be done to get YOU where you want to be. 

When I started out as a £60 a night pub singer I used to think ‘I know I am good enough, the big gigs with the big pay cheques will come to me eventually!’

The truth is it was never going to happen by just sitting around waiting no matter how good I was, so in 2006 I decided to find out what it really took to get me where I wanted to be.

Fast forward 6 years and today as a £1000 a night corporate & wedding entertainer I do understand what it really takes and that is what the consultancy service is built around.



Some or all of the following, depending on what you feel you need help with.

1: Goal setting, achieving targets and why this is important
90% of  artists and event suppliers who do not have clear goals never get close to their full potential. Tommy will show you how to create these goals allowing you to hit your targets, get more gigs and earn more money.

2: Pricing
Are you charging to little? or do you just need some guidance on what you should charge? Tommy will discuss the industry standards but he will also explain how he now charges 20 times the amount he used to, working for nicer clients and at nicer venues.

3: Marketing (website, demo’s & photos) & Advertising 
What you can get for free and when you should pay for it. We all need to advertise and have good marketing material but what works best, and when, where and how much is what you will cover.

4: The Power Of Using Social Media (Twitter & Facebook etc), Networking & Relationship Building
All vital to increasing your exposure, Tommy will explain how.

5: The Things You Should Say (and not say) To Potential Clients To Get More Bookings
If someone has contacted you, they want to book you. Tommy will show you how to make that very easy for them.

6: Presenting A Professional Image & Projecting A Positive Attitude
Did you know more people lose out on bookings for reasons they are never even aware of? Could it be time to look at areas where things may need improving?

7: Customer Aftercare & The Importance Of Feedback 
Your best and cheapest way of getting more bookings.

Plus anything else you would like to cover.


Cost: £359.00

(subject to terms and conditions)

To book or to find out more please call 01603 434714 or email [email protected]


Read Success Stories Below…

We recently had a One to One consultation with Tommy Winn and were very impressed by the quality of the information and advice given, I have always been wary of this type of consultation process but this was worth every penny, already we have a realistic plan to get us where we want to get to as well as some great ideas to improve our advertising and marketing, Tommy is very easy to deal with and the best thing is he has been on a journey of improvement himself so talks from personal experience.

Simon Howe – Zoom Duo


I have been in the entertainment business as a semi professional artist for over 20 years.

I’ve always wanted to know the best path to take, to promote and gain extra work for the function band I perform with.

With the ever increasing computer and smart phone technology around today, I was after some guidance with regards to promoting my band through various networking sites, and preventing our website becoming a lost needle in the www.haystack!

Music & Events was able to deliver some facts and advice about the effectiveness and current hit ratings of our site, and demonstrate a structured networking and advertising process that would lead to more people viewing the bands websiteas a stand alone site.

The levels of hits, and direct links to our website, through Tommy’s high ranking search optimised Entertainment Directory, ‘Music and Events’ was also explained.

Tommy who I met with being an entertainment performer himself was able to shed some light on the uncertainties I had about the profession, and prove inspirational and tuitional, with regards to the quantity and quality of the work that I seek.

To summarise Music & Events provides a new, and invaluable unique consultation service, on a one to one basis, to help entertainers on the path to successful self promotion, and I am sure I will be thanking him for years to come for his professional and helpful advice.

Phil Atkinson: Boogie Fever Band


A one to one consultation with the Music and Events owner Tommy Winn was a great opportunityto comprehensively consider all aspects of running my band, from setting goals, social networking, contracts, customer care, marketing and various other brainstorming ideas.  I appreciated having his expert attention for such aconcentrated period of time and left his care much wiser than when I arrived.

Phil Davison: Drummer and Band leader of ‘Energy’ Function Band.


I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to give me a private consultation the other day.

I found the meeting really useful, your presentation was full of detail, well thought out and very clearly put across.

I have been entertaining for a number of years, I would recommend this to all entertainers, young or old, new to the business or seasoned pros!

Dave Parker: Solo Rat Pack Singer


Video Testimonials

Taken from the group session ‘It’s Showtime’

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