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Music and Events is one of the fasting growing Entertainment Directories in the UK today.

Based in Norwich, but covering the whole of the UK, we are here to give musicians, entertainers and anyone involved in the music, entertainment and event industry the opportunity to present themselves in a new and exciting way.

A Message For Artists

The Directory is just the tip of the ice burg and Music and Events offers so much more than just a place to advertise. We also offer help and advice on areas such as marketing, advertising and how to present a professional image all the way through to gig preparation and assuring client satisfaction.

In May 2011 we also launched a series of workshops and interactive seminars designed to help entertainers fulfill their potential in the industry. We also offer one-to-one and smaller group sessions.

For more information please visit - http://www.musicandevents.co.uk/its-showtime/

Music and Events is run by people who know the industry at every level. As musicians and performers ourselves, we know the challenges this very competitive industry presents us with.

However, we also know the secrets to get ahead of the competition. Everyone involved with Music and Events is given our full support and resources which allows you to move forward and realise your full potential.

Music and Events is pro active in every way and takes advantage of all the major social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter to get you seen by a huge amount of potential clients you may otherwise be missing out on.

Music and Events wants to help to promote anyone who has a desire to succeed, from the seasoned full-time professional to the people who want to take a step up to the next level and also those who are at the very beginning and don’t know where to start.

Music and Events also invites its users to chat and make comments about news, post blogs, upload articles and enter forums about the music, entertainment and event world on a local or national scale. The band playing at your local pub is just as important as the latest U2 tour dates as far as we are concerned.

A Message To Our Visitors

All artists and services featured on Music and Events have agreed to only supply information which is 100% accurate, to always act in a professional manner and to give you, the client, 100% confidence when enquiring or booking the services they advertise.

When contacting someone you found through Music and Events we always advise and encourage you to check their own individual terms of business and booking procedures as every service is different.

Music and Events has been designed to help people find what they are looking for in a friendly and professional environment. We believe in working together with both our visitors and the artists and businesses featured on the site to create the very best service possible.

Because we have this ethos, we encourage anyone to let us know if you think any aspect of Music and Events can be improved to help you.

Enjoy your visit to the Music & Events Website.

The Home Of Professional Entertainers & Event Specialists.

Tommy Winn

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Owner Of Music and Events

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